You’re not a bad parent, and your child isn't a bad kid … 
But you’re struggling and need a new parenting game plan!

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5 Steps to Become a Calmer Parent and Get Cooperation from Your Strong-Willed Child Without Yelling, Nagging, Bribing, Threats or Shame



Which of these parents do you relate to most?

The Frustrated & Overwhelmed Parent Approaching Wits’ End

Symptoms may include:
  • Struggling to get your child to cooperate
  • Feeling exhausted from trying all the methods
  • More yelling than you'd like to admit
  • Loss of sanity from trying to hold it all together

The Hopeful & Empathetic Parent Who Just Wants More Peace

Symptoms may include:
  • Worried that you're parenting wrong
  • Fear you'll break your child's spirit
  • Wishing your family was happier overall
  • Desire to discipline differently than your parents did

If you caught yourself nodding along to one of these scenarios or BOTH, this class was built just for you! 

Meet Your Guide, Laine Lipsky 

Parenting Coach, Author, Master Teacher


Hi, I’m Laine! I’m passionate about helping parents learn how to raise emotionally-healthy kids who won’t have to recover from their childhood. 

My personal experience in parenthood has come with its own challenges. I worked with kids long before I had my own, but when my strong-willed children were young, I found myself overcome with anxiety and exhaustion.

I’d “turn it on” for my kids during the day and crash hard after putting them to bed... only to wake up in the middle of the night consumed with worry about my family’s health, endless to-do lists, and if I was doing a good enough job as a mom. I was so wired and hyped-up on my own thoughts that I couldn’t shut my mind off.

I hated to admit it, even to myself, but I was an edgy and easily-triggered mom. Managing childhood behavior wasn’t new to me and my friends asked me for parenting advice often, but I lacked inner, personal peace.

When my daughter entered first grade, I began to teach parenting classes. As I listened to the pain points of my students, I realized that some of them struggled to find the best solutions for their kids’ behavior, some struggled to manage their own emotions like I did, and some struggled with both. As I researched, I was able to develop blended solutions that helped all kinds of people … including myself.

Today I love coaching parents just like you to gain confidence and develop effective skills to raise happier, more cooperative kids. I’m not here to judge you or make you feel bad for the choices you made in the past. I’m here to give you the tools you need to enjoy parenting and have a more fulfilling future starting today.


What Other Parents Have Said About the Class

 Get inspired … this could be you!


"When I have a hard time with my strong-willed son, I use Laine's methods and the meltdowns stop!"

- Carrie


"Now I can have more fun while I raise my boys into kind and conscious young men. I feel empowered with my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing."

- Alexandra


It’s time to defuse the power struggles with your strong-willed kids and restore your family’s sanity.


In this FREE 40-minute workshop, I cover 5 powerful shifts to help you:

  • Crack the code of your child’s misbehavior, so you can lean in wisely and avoid common parenting pitfalls

  • Learn how to effectively respond to your child instead of having knee-jerk reactions you later regret

  • Find a helpful middle-ground between “old school” and “new school” parenting techniques

  • Choose a new method of discipline that will create more connection and harmony in your home, starting NOW


PLUS, you’ll walk away with some extra goodies…

My go-to Discipline Cheat Sheet & an offer to join me for a
one-on-one FREE coaching call!




"Laine has a way of presenting information that is easy to understand and apply to real life. Now, I am a more present parent to my spirited children. Joy comes much easier this way!"

- Erika

You might be thinking...

Maybe I’m missing the “good parent gene.” Shouldn’t it be easier than this?


You’re not alone in your fear. A lot of good parents come to me wondering the very same thing! Here’s what I tell them:

Parenting strong-willed children (SWCs) is a learned skill - it's NOT an innate gift you’re born with.

It’s like riding a bike. You might feel wobbly at first, but with practice and someone to guide you, you’ll be able to gain momentum!

That means it’s never too late to get better at parenting! You just need a great teacher, an open mind, and a willingness to try new techniques. If you’ve got those things, what once felt hard will start to feel more natural!


 You totally deserve to have a happier,

more peaceful family.


Despite how it might feel right now, a more joyful home is totally within your reach. It’s not impossible if you have the right tools and support. I’m here to help!

Don’t wait any longer! Sign up below for access to my FREE workshop to start learning some simple parenting shifts that lead to BIG impact.

Pro tip: Watch the workshop as a video during naptime or pop headphones in and listen to the audio as you wrangle some laundry. I’ll send the Discipline Cheat Sheet to your email address.